Chapter Ten - Consider the French

There they sit, surrounded by the monuments of a once great nation, their lives given over to luxurious indolence and the gratification of the senses. Where once lived a nation of warriors, there now lives a nation enslaved to the licentious pleasures of the table and the boudoir. Their menfolk are weak in body and mind, their women voluptuous and enslaved to their carnal desires.

What can one expect from such a nation? They argue over philosophy, weaving a web of weasel words which hide the emptiness of their spiritual lives.

Their science is no better. Clever intellectual constructions whose complicated internal logic deceives the mind of those not equipped to perceive the reality which surrounds us. The simple eye of faith rejects this spiders web of deceit and sees clearly that beneath it is nothing but fantasy. Science - True Science (™) sees through such conceits.

Consider the Scientist.

The biologist, counting the hairs on the appendages of some small crawling creature he has unearthed from beneath a dank rock. From such minutiae, from such insignificant detail vast and false conclusions are drawn. He sets up systems of classification, ever-branching, ever more complex, and all in an attempt to evade the truth. The truth that a child can see, but to which the limited, self-absorbed mind of the biologist is blind. A child can see that a whale is a fish, and perhaps, some day, what is called biological "science" will catch up with that innocent observation. All the animals we see are of a few kinds, and these kinds derive from those which were preserved from death and destruction by the intervention of the Divine Mind of God and the hand of Noah. The truth that is written for all to read in God's own book, written in his true language, the language spoken in the great days of the English nation before they were led to destruction and madness by the evil plots of the Darwinists, the language of King James.

Consider the True Scientist.

The noble science of physics, founded by that great Scientist and great Christian, knighted by the King in recognition of his contributions to science and religion, Sir Isaac Newton. His mind perceived the hand of God, who set the immutable Laws which govern the Universe of his own creation. His mind set the principles which guided all future generations of scientists. And from one of his successors came the greatest set-back for the Darwinists, the Evilutionists, and their doctrine of damnation.

It was easy to ensnare the minds of the lesser scientists, the biologists and geologists, too obsessed with minute and irrelevant detail to see the greater whole, toiling away in their dark rooms, or in their muddy quarries. Such minds can be led by the soft seductions of logic, such minds can be led to accept the unthinkable, the great falsehood of an ancient earth, the greater falsehood of mutability of kinds. And it was in such minds that the Darwinists made their greatest conquests, until there remained few in those sciences who stood steadfast to the Truth, to the Bible, and to the True Religion(™) .

But the true scientist spoke, and the world listened.

William Thompson, whose great intellect was recognised by Queen Victoria who appointed him to the title of Lord Kelvin, using the divinely inspired science of mathematics and physics, calculated the age of the earth, and showed that it was young. His science, based on the Laws of Nature, not the idle theorising of the Darwinists, showed that the earth was too cool to be old. The Laws of Thermodynamics show beyond doubt that the earth could not be more than a few thousand years old. This is real science, true science, the science which makes possible the machines which run our entire civilisation.

For the True Believer (™) this marvellous revelation was an occasion of great joy.

For the Darwinists, it spelled ruination. It seemed that all their schemes were thwarted, all their work undone. Darwin was dead, Huxley now withdrawn and isolated - "ill health" they claimed. Their following in Germany was still strong, but who cared what happened in that dim and dismal place? The French, who though supporting the cause of the Darwinists held themselves aloof - who cared about the French?

But sometimes help comes from an unexpected quarter.

It was one of those fertile but corrupted minds which came up with an idea. An insignificant trick of optics, dismissed by more noble minds, set the seed from which sprang a great, loathsome tree of conjecture and empty theory.

"What if?..." he mused, "what if atoms fell apart? What if in falling apart they gave out heat?"

One may as well postulate that a falling rock generates heat. But to the closed and misguided minds of these so-called "scientists" such idle speculations were a life-line, and a renewal of hope. To the True Scientists(™), it spelled a set-back from which they still struggle to recover.

"Heat," mused Becquerel, "heat from within the earth."

Counteracting the Laws of Nature. Contradicting True Science(™) and True Religion (™). A fabrication to keep the philosophy of the evilutionists alive. But it caught on in the minds even of some Real Scientists.

Why? Who knows? Where was Darwinism now? It's figurehead gone, his enforcer gone, who now kept the vast, corrupt machine working? How was the discipline of this evil religion enforced? Where was the leadership?

Well-oiled machines do not leave things to chance. Take away a part of the mechanism, and a replacement part will be found. The machine, now repaired, works as well as ever. So much at least the Darwinists had learned from True Science(™). So the leadership continued in an unbroken line. However, they no longer needed or wanted a public figure. Such was their hold on the halls of science that such a figure was unnecessary, and undesirable.

So a leader arose from the shadows, and kept in the shadows. No longer working in the public eye, but covertly, secretly. The public debates were over, and now the cause was maintained by pressure behind the scenes. A word to an administrator here, a threat there, promised funding suddenly withdrawn.

"Play the game and you'll be fine. Stop playing the game and things will be difficult. You won't get that promotion you were promised. You won't get that grant you were expecting. You'll find that your work will be rejected by any journal you want to submit it to. So take the easy route. Just go along with the way things are."

And most of those researchers would simply fold under the pressure. Few scientists have the moral courage to stand up to such pressures, and those in the biological sciences, the pickers of fine detail, obsessing over minutiae, are not those with moral courage.

A few stood out, and their lives were not easy.

Imagine a research laboratory in a University somewhere in Europe.

"Can you smell fish?" one asks. "I'm sure I can smell fish."

"Yes, I can smell fish" his loutish companion responds "Oh, hello Agassiz. I didn't see you there."

He waved his arms, upsetting the tray Agassiz was carrying apparently by accident.

"Oh, sorry. Is that something important?"

A unique and priceless collection of pre-diluvial fossils, strong evidence for the ancient world of Genesis, lies in shattered fragments on the floor. Agassizs' shoulders drop. Such pettiness, such constant mockery is part of his daily life, a constant drain on his temper and energy. This life in Europe was becoming intolerable.

He thought of a new land, a place where True Religion(™) and True Science(™) were still strong, a land uncorrupted by the evil of European culture. A place where the true value of man was still understood. There, in that shinning city on a hill, noble savages taken from their empty lives on the dark continent of Africa, were brought to the enlightenment of True Religon(™). Provided with light work through the generosity of their masters, and unburdened by the material distractions of civilised life, these sons of Ham learned the solace provided by a knowledge of the Truth. In such a place he would find the solace his heart desired.

"There are two things that smell of fish, and one of them is Agassiz," one lout said to his companion. They laughed uproariously, their petty, vindictive minds satisfied by such crude and senseless humour.

"I'm leaving as soon as I can," Agassiz thought. "I'm going to the promised land. I'm going to America."

Meanwhile, in Paris, an impressionable young woman was being seduced by an older man. An intelligent young woman, being seduced by the fantastical theory of radioactivity.

"You understand what I am asking of you?" he asked "we need to "find" the source of this radioactivity. We need a great lie to convince the world of science. A lie for the greater good, for the destruction of religion. For the triumph of the Lamarckian philosophy."

His eyes held her. In the summer heat, her flimsy clothing clung to the luscious contours of her body. Her pink tongue caressed her full, red lips. A thought of her husband flitted across her intelligent but vacuous mind, but she dismissed it. To a woman, and a French woman at that, such matters of morality are mere trifles. Who cares what arms hold her, whose flesh presses against hers, so long as her carnal appetites are satisfied for a short time.

Ah! The sins of the fallen Eve. Womankind, created as a companion for man, so easily seduced. From the first temptations of the serpent, she had been ready to listen to the whispered voice which drew her away from the sanctity of faith, ready to lead man to follow her to perdition.

And so this fallen Eve, this temptress, this facile but imaginative mind drew up a new science. A corrupt science, a science built from nothing but a simple optical trick of some minerals into a weapon against True Science(™) and True Religion(™).

"The earth is ancient" they thundered from their secular pulpits. "radioactivity proves it."

Never mind that there are better, more compelling explanations.

Never mind that this runs against all the precepts of True Science(™), the science of Newton and Paley.

Never mind that this contradicts the only truth in science, the science of the Bible.

It supports Evilutionism.

To these great corrupters, nothing else matters.

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