Chapter One - Strata

William Smith, his white shirt unlaced to show the bronzed muscular body it barely covered, pondered the rocks.

"Dig here, Lads" His commanding voice rang out across the assembled crowd of thugs and cutthroats, every one a devoted evilutionist intent on overthrowing true Christianity (™). "We'll bury them here".

The foundries and factories had been working at full capacity for years, manufacturing exquisitely detailed ammonites, graptolites and molluscs by the million. The funds of the evilutionists were vast, and they had not spared any detail in their dastardly plot. Smith laughed. His voice carrying the distillation of years of corruption and depravity, yet holding the seductive resonance which had allowed him to sow the seeds of his depraved religion in the minds of his followers. The woman by his side laughed with him, her breasts heaving under the flimsy blouse she was wearing, her luscious body a constant temptation to the proud, God-fearing men Smith was going to corrupt. Those whom he could not deceive with his faked evidence he could bring down with the temptations of the flesh. The pretty young man behind him, his pockets bulging with cocaine, was there for those whose tastes ran ... otherwise.

This was to be his triumph. The years devoted to the task of corrupting the minds of scientists, the gathering of funds using any device no matter how degraded, the blackmail and theft, all came together in this time and place.

He was going to rebuild England.

Not just morally - that task was well under way, and the seeds he had sown were bearing rich fruit in the minds of naive clergymen and doctors of medicine all over that fair land. He was going to rebuild the physical geology of the country stone by stone.

Already he and his henchmen has systematically destroyed countless evidences which showed beyond doubt that the earth was created a few thousand years previously. The remains of the wooden ark which by pure chance had been found in Dorset had been consigned to the fire, as a hellish sacrifice to his true master. The numerous artifacts of the highly advanced technological civilization which had the knowledge to build such a structure had been destroyed, the metal consigned to vast furnaces, and the molten remnants recast as the ammonites which would be used as a device to prove to the minds of the naive his hideous lies.

The massive work was undertaken in secret. Mile upon mile of God's created landscape was excavated, and relaid with numerous fossils cunningly placed in the order he had devised to support the doctrine of Evolution. This doctrine had not yet been formulated, but in his black heart he knew that it would come in due time. Planning was intricate and perfect - after all this was the intelligent and well- educated section of the community who were not averse to using their superior intellect to confound the minds of those honest men who used the sacred doctrines as guidance, and common sense as the ultimate standard of proof.

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