Dear, Dear, Richard,
'Concerned Christian Creationist."
You're wrong, and that's sad. I will keep you in my prayers and hope your eyes are opened soon. Until then, I recommend the Bible, Kent Hovind, and Ken Ham. God's blessings on your search for religious security. God loves you, no matter what you do, and all he wants is you in his kingdom forever, just because you are Richard; and He created you and wants you with Him. It's that simple, and you could find immediate relief from all this searching and ridiculous theories of an old earth. Evolution is a religion, not a science, but it is still wrong. Creationism is derived from the Bible, the basis for the religion of Christianity, of which I am proud to be a part of. Please truthfully search your heart. And just once, I challenge you to search out the real truth as adamantly as you preach evolutionism. Anyone could sit down like a child and stubbornly protest to move, afraid that you could turn out to be wrong. But, if you were really searching for truth, you would be looking for it, instead of lazing around, being indoctrinated by the world, and conforming.

Trust and obey. - Concerned Christian Creationist.
Re: Kent Hovind

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Re: Ken Ham

Ken Ham caught fibbing once again

Ken Ham happily lies to people

If one is searching for the truth, one must start with an open mind.

All science starts with the question 'Why?' If we simply accepted the answer 'because God made it that way', there would be no science, no technology, no medicine. Because people asked 'Why?' - 'Why should you tell me what to do just because you say that God gave you authority over me?', the pilgrim fathers sailed to found a colony in America. Because people asked the question 'Why do we get ill?', and didn't accept the answer 'Because you are sinful and God is punishing you for your sins' we developed modern medicine.

The theory of evolution did not develop over two hundred years because of a plot by a clique of scientists to overthrow religious belief: it developed because the evidence that supports it is so overwhelming that it cannot be dismissed by anyone with an open mind.

I have tried to read the words of the 'scientific' creationists with an open mind. They are full of flaws, misrepresentations, facile explanations, deliberate distortions and downright lies. In my view the people peddling those beliefs as science are little more than confidence tricksters.

If you believe in God, do so on the basis of faith, which does not require proof. If you try to support faith with science, you end up with neither.

I have always asked the question 'why?' until I got a satisfactory answer. If nobody can give me a satisfactory answer, I continue to ask. I was kicked out of some of my classes at school for asking too many questions. If anyone tried to brainwash me, they'd have a tough time.

Don't be taken in by confidence tricksters.