...little to do with Plesiosaurs
A few bits and pieces which are not really to do with plesiosaurs but may be of interest

A message to Creationists

I'm fed up with getting your emails. Here's why:


Why I am opposed to "scientific" creationism. Please note that my reasons have nothing to do with religion.

Creationist Sources

My analysis of a number of creationist web sites identifying the fundamental dishonesty of the movement.

Loch Ness

A few reasons why the Loch Ness Monster is not a plesiosaur.

Something about me

How does a former architect who now makes his living by building web sites end up studying plesiosaurs?


Suppose for a minute that everything the creationists say about evolution were true. Now suppose you had lost your mind... but I repeat myself. What would the history of that ersatz and terrible "science" be? (thanks to John Wilkins for the blurb)