Plesiosaurs and shark carcases
dear Mr Richards i find that the information on the plesiosaur that was drug

up in 1977 to be unlogical to be a shark for one thing it looks nothing like

a shark and its dna may look like that of a mako shark but we never new the

dna of plesiosaur in the first place i think the matter should be looked into

more carefully before the jquump to conclusions that this species is a shark

i think there worried that the public will panic if they heard that there are

living reptils from the late creatacious period still alive and another thing

how do we now the plesiosaur didnt adapt i mean if every dinosaur well say died

of the flood or volcanos nothing would have survived today man animal nothing

so somthing must have survived thank you for youre time mr richards
See this site - it explains it in detail far better than I could.