The Plesiosaur Site

It is not concerned with

  • Strange creatures lurking in lakes in Scotland, Sweden, Canada or anywhere else. Because I am asked the question so frequently I have added a page explaining why the Loch Ness monster is not a plesiosaur.

  • Decomposing sharks or any other modern marine animals. Decomposing carcases are frequently interpreted as being those of plesiosaurs, and I am contacted far too often by people trying to argue that that is what they are. All the pictures I've seen show something even superficailly completely unlike a plesiosaur, and marine biologists and shark experts confirm again and again that these are the carcases of sharks, most commonly basking sharks. Have a look at for a report by Glen Kuban and for a review by my friend and colleague Adam Smith.

If anyone

  • has any comments

  • finds any mistakes

  • wants to contribute their own views

  • has any pictures I can include without breaching copyright

  • wants to register material in collections I have not included

  • has draft papers to circulate for comment

  • has any wild idea to air

  • thinks this is all a load of tosh

Please contact me
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label found in Oxford University Museum