A few plesiosaurs...

The Collard Plesiosaur

Press reports of the finding of a plesiosaur on the Somerset coast hit the news last year. Dennis Parsons of Somerset County Museum has given presentation on this remarkable specimen at the SPPC, and during our 'Plesiosaur Day' in November 2004.

The Loch Ness plesiosaur

Proof that the monster is a plesiosaur?

The biggest carnivore of all time?

The'Monster of Aramberri'

The discovery of a huge and substantially complete pliosaur in Mexico hit the press on the 28th December 2002.

The Speeton Plesiosaur

A pleisosaur from the Speeton Clay was excavated in October 2002.

The Lincoln Plesiosaur

A specimen found in Lincoln over a hundred years ago has recently been prepared and mounted for exhibition. It is now one of the most popular exhibits in the new Lincoln Museum.

Svalbard marine reptiles

The discovery of an important marine reptile fauna in Svalbard, in the Artic was announced in October 2006.

The Weymouth Bay pliosaur

The Lottery Heritage Fund has purchased an enormous pliosaur skull from the Kimmeridge Clay of the Dorset coast.