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A few paintings of plesiosaurs.

Five Questions about Plesiosaurs

I presented a poster for the SVPCA in Edinburgh, 1999 in the form of five questions about the anatomy and biomechanics of plesiosaurs which were especially problematical.
Over the past couple of year a number of people have emailed possible answers to some of the questions, and this has helped to clarify my thinking to some extent.
The answers to some of the questions are interdependent, and are a consequence of their locomotion and feeding behaviour. This was explored in my presentation at the SVPCA in Portsmouth, 2000. I will be adding pages based on this talk in the near (I hope) future. Some questions are left unanswered, however.

Questions and Answers

Emails and my responses.


There are not many books involving plesiosaurs, but here are my views on some: