Creation Myths

By popular demand, here is a list of creation myths. This is not a great labour of love - it took about an hour on the internet - but has generated considerable interest. My intention in compiling these stories was to send them back to creationists posing a simple question: which of these stories should I believe, and more importantly, why? The obvious and predicatable response is number 5 of course, but persistence in the corrolorary question can lead to some more interesting answers, and may even generate a little reflection on their part.

My intention is not to attack anyone else on the basis of their religious belief, but to attack the notion that religious beliefs can be 'proved' by science. Moreover, the strength with which personal beliefs are held is not a measure of their 'rightness'; after all, it takes a very high level of conviction in the 'rightness' of your beliefs to strap explosives to your body and detonate them somewhere where you will kill the enemies of your faith. That does not make the act justifiable, nor make the leaders and teachers who encourage the act any less evil.

I have enormous respect for many of the Christians I have known. Some of them are close personal friends, and it is clear that their faith is a source of great comfort and support to them. In many ways I envy them that comfort, and it is perhaps a failure of courage on my part to make that same leap of commitment. One thing is for certain, though: nobody will convert me to their religious viewpoint by arguing their case on the basis of ignorance of science, or by perpetuating the lies and distortions of some of the leading lights in the field of creation 'science'. To me, creation 'science' is abhorrent combination of bad science and cynical hypocrisy.

All these accounts can be downloaded in plain text format    (175k) here, and in Adobe Acrobat format    (390k) here

  1. Enuma Elish
  2. African Bushmen Creation Myth
  3. Ainu
  4. Apache
  5. Australian Aboriginal: The Dreamtime
  6. Australian Aborigine Creation Myth
  7. Australian Aborigine Creation Myth
  8. Aztec
  9. Blood Creation Myth
  10. Boshongo
  11. Chelan
  12. Cherokee Creation Myth
  13. Cherokee Creation Myth
  14. Chinese
  15. Choctaw
  16. Chukchee Creation Myth
  17. Chukchee Creation Myth
  18. Comanche
  19. Creation of the Middle World
  20. Creation Story of Southern California Indians
  21. Creation Story of Southern California Indians
  22. Digueno
  23. Efikn (Nigeria)
  24. Ekoi (Southern Nigeria)
  26. Fans (Bantu)
  27. Greek Creation Myth
  28. Hebrew/Christian Creation Myth
  29. Hidatsa Creation Myth
  30. Hindu
  31. Hopi Creation Myth
  32. Hopi Creation myth
  33. Hopi Creation Myth
  34. Hungarian Creation Myth
  35. Inuit Creation Myth
  36. Iroquois Creation Myth
  37. Japanese Creation Myth
  38. Kiowa Creation Myth
  39. Mayan Creation Myth
  40. Nahuatl Creation Myth
  41. Navajo Creation Myth
  42. Nuu-chal-nuth Creation Myth
  43. Penobscot Creation Myth
  44. Salish Creation Myth
  45. Slavic Creation Myth
  46. Tewa Pueblo Creation Myth
  47. The Birth of Hawaii
  48. The Norse Creation Myth
  49. Tiahuanaco Creation Myth
  50. Zulu