Are Dinosaurs Still Living?

Author(s):  Phillip O'Donnell

Source: "Cryptozoology, Living Dinosaurs, and Origins" web site


If man has lived with dinosaurs, then you might ask, “Why aren’t they still living today?”
Quite so. The answer is that they are, and we call them birds
According to ancient records they did not all die out,
Biblical accounts make no reference to any animal which can be identified as a dinosaur
but many were killed by humans (who wants to live next to a T-Rex!)
There is no reference in the bible to humans killing dinosaurs
and Noah’s Flood which happened approximately 4,400 years ago.
There is no evidence whatsoever for a global flood, and overwhelming evidence that no global flood either did or could have occurred
Noah’s Flood was a global event and all the dinosaurs that were not in Noah’s Ark, got buried under tons of rock and sediment in just a few weeks.
As no global flood occurred, this is no more than an assertion based on a falsehood
Many people, mostly evolutionists, are attacking even the very idea of dinosaurs still living today.
Nonsense. It is evolutionary scientists who have concluded that birds are dinosaurs, and are very much with us
The book “Eyewitness Dinosaur” says that, “A common misbelief is that dinosaurs were sea monsters, possibly still lurking in the oceans depths.
So freaking what? Nobody with more than a passing interest in the subject thinks that dinosaurs were aquatic animals
” However, just because scientists don’t think dinosaurs are still around (because of their beliefs)
Scientists do think dinosaurs are around. Assuming that this is referring to non-avian dinosaurs, scientists do not think that they are around not because of their beliefs, but because of complete lack of evidence
does not alter the fact there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dinosaur reports in the last 300 years.
So freaking what? Eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable.
Most people that have seen them, never tell anyone for fear that people will think they are silly and foolish.
How does the author know this if nobody tells anyone?
Evolutionary scientists had claimed that the fish called Coelacanth had evolved legs and went on land to become a land creature some 70 million years ago
No scientists ever claimed this! It was thought that the coelacanth was ancestral to the animals which went onto the land.
and was thus non-existent today.
Even if this were the case, there is nothing to prevent it surviving to this day. The reason why this family of fishes was considered to be extinct was that there was no evidence for their survival.
However, in 1938, it was found they were dead wrong.
Quite so. Isn't it great that science changes its conclusions if that is what the evidence demands?
A Coelacanth was discovered alive and well in the South African Coast by fishermen.
Quite so. Isn't it great that science changes its conclusions if that is what the evidence demands?
It was recently discovered that if the fish is brought near the surface of the water, it will soon die.
So freaking what?
If someone had gone there and seen the Coelacanth, but not taken any photographs, the scientists would say they were just false findings.
Bearing in mind that eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable, such caution is to be admired.
Later, scientists found out that fishermen had been catching those fish for years!
So what?
Evolutionists state that because dinosaur fossils are not found in the same rocks that human and mammal fossils are found in, it proves that the dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.
Well, no. Dinosaur and mammal fossils are found in the same rocks. There are even dinosaurs with mammal bones in their gut contents, and a mammal with dinosaur bones in its gut. We don't find human fossils in the same rocks though, which is why we do not think that humans coexisted with non-avian dinosaurs.
They believe the layers formed over millions of years.
That's what the evidence shows
The Bible says there was a world wide flood that directly resulted in multiple layers being formed.
...and the evidence shows clearly and categorically that such an event did not and could not have occurred.
Noah’s Flood is the only way to explain how fish fossils have been found with undigested fossilized fish left inside them.
Complete and utter nonsense! There is a branch of geological science called taphonomy which can demonstrate both from fossils themselves and experiementally how such preservation can occur
How trillions of creatures became fossilized (fossilization is rare), and how fossilized clams were found in the closed position (which proves they were buried alive).
So what?
During the flood most dinosaurs sank to the bottom, while the birds and lighter animals stayed near the surface of the mud and water.
More complete and utter nonsense! Many dinosaurs had light, hollow bones. There is no evidence whatsoever that heavier animals are lower in the geological column than lighter ones
As the mud dried and turned into stone, the creatures were fossilized and others were turned into coal in just a short number of years, not millions of years.
An utterly unfounded assertion
Unfounded assertion
If dinosaurs are still living today, then that would even further prove the Geologic Column to be false.
As scientists have concluded that dinosaur are still living today, this is categorically false
As we will learn in the rest of the book, not only are there some dinosaurs still living in the dark jungles of Africa, but there are many others scattered across the globe on land, air, and sea.
Unfounded assertion. Dubious eyewitness accounts are not strong evidence.
Unfounded assertion
Many people who scoff at living dinosaurs contend that sightings alone do not prove the existence of dinosaurs today.
Quite so. Experience tells us that such skepticism is required when dealing with dubious eyewitness accounts.
It is true, there is no definite proof they are still living, but there are over 20,000 reported sightings of dinosaurs in this century alone.
Which does not add up to much in the way of evidence, given the complete and utter lack of any physical evidence.
There are also thousands of other sightings that people have never told anyone about.
If they never told anyone about it, how do we know that they happened?
“Scores, perhaps hundreds, of trustworthy mariners… have seen what they believe to be such a creature, but they refuse to publish any account of their observations, knowing that they will be insulted and publicly gibbeted as fools and liars if they do. ”W. Matheu Williams, Circa 1884 (The Great new England Sea Serpent by J. P. O’Neill copyright 1999)."
Another unsupported and unsupportable assertion. (and glad to see such up-to-date evidence is on offer.)
Unfounded assertion
If you were in a court of law and had 20,000 witnesses on your side, then you would have a very strong case.
Possibly if they were witnesses to the same event. But this is supposed eyewitness accounts of 20,000 different events, many of which are demonstrably unreliable.
Of course, there are some hoaxes and misidentifications in all that have been reported.
Quite so
Let’s just say that 10% (2,000) are hoaxes of the 20,000, this would still leave us with 18,000 valid reports.
Why? There is no basis on which to make such an estimate
Unfounded assertion
Here are some sightings that have been reported by very legitimate and truthful people: Col. Percy Fawcett, Captain Geog Von Forstner, Captain Werner Lowisch, Carl and Mary Bombay, Pastor Eugene P. Thomas, Pastor Joseph Ellis, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander the Great, Saint Columbia, Arlene Gaal, Herman Regusters, Duane Hodgkinson, Ivan T.Sanderson, Dennis J.Hall, trained naturalists Michael J. Nicoll and E. G. Meade-Waldo, Captain Peter M’Quhae and his crew, and the list goes on.
Throwing a rag-bag of different accounts of different phenomena is not evidence. Actually, some of these people - such as Conan Doyle for one - are known to be rather unreliable as observers.
Ask yourself, does the following sighting resemble a sea-going dinosaur?
As there were no sea-going dinosaurs, the answer is no.
Empty rhetoric
“On July 30 1915, our U28 torpedoed the British steamer Iberian, carrying a rich cargo in the North Atlantic. The steamer sank quickly, the bow sticking almost vertically in the air. When it had gone for about twenty-five seconds, there was a violent explosion. A little later, pieces of the wreckage, and among them a gigantic sea animal, withering and struggling wildly, was shot out of the water to a height of 60 to 100 feet… It was about 60 feet long, was like a crocodile in shape, and had four limbs with powerful webbed feet, and a long tail tapering to a point. ” Georg Von Forstner, Captain of the German submarine, U28 in World War I.
...which is most definitely not an account of a dinosaur, as there were no marine non-avian dinosaurs.
(Dinosaurs by Design, by Duane T. Gish)
..and as Duane Gish is a notorious liar, his account cannot be accepted at face value.
Is Captain Forstner’s sighting definite proof? No.
Quite so.
It is not proof because he did not bring back physical evidence.
Quite so.
However, why would a German Captain lie about seeing a sea monster? The answer is that he was probably not lying! For example, the giant squid or octopus living in the ocean was thought by many to be an old sailor’s myth.
The existence of the giant squid has been accepted by science for well over a century because of the physical evidence.
In 1896, a 12,000 pound octopus was found on the beach in Saint Augustine, Florida.
So what? It's not a dinosaur.
It has been estimated to be over 200 feet in length!
..and many scientists have shown that this estimate is a gross exageration, as tends to be the case in uncorroborated accounts.
Some people will never admit that dinosaurs are still living even if someone took a very clear photo or film of it.
If so they are probably clinically insane. David Attenborough made a very good documentary series on dinosaurs called "The Life of Birds".
One such photo was taken by Sandy Mansi in 1977, in Lake Champlain, Vermont. It looks very much like a Plesiosaur or Nothosaur (a long-necked, sea going dinosaur).
Plesiosaurs are not dinosaurs, and whatever the superficial resemblance, the anatomy of the neck is not that of a plesiosaur.
Does the scientific community accept this as proof that dinosaurs are still living?
No, and why should they? Plesiosaurs are not dinosaurs
Empty rhetoric
No! In the book “The Great New England Sea Serp-ent” it says the following about the photo, “it has been analyzed by experts, who concluded that the photo had not been tampered with and is probably of a living creature, but just what they cannot say.
An unknown living creature does not have to be a dinosaur!
Empty rhetoric
Roy Chapman Andrews (a famous zoologist for discovering fossilized dinosaur eggs in the Gobi Dessert) wrote the following in 1938: “For some reason everyone wants to believe that somewhere in the ocean depths there are strange creatures, survivors of the Age of Reptiles, still living… Arguments are of no avail… There is not a shred of evidence to show that any of the great sea monsters of the Age of the Reptiles still exist. No one could ask for a better sea serpent than the thirty-foot mosasaur, but unfortunately it has been extinct for about eighty million years… [T]heir fossilized bones are never found above the beds of the upper Cretaceous age
Does he know that for a fact?
Well, yes. By "there is no evidence" he means "there is no evidence"
Empty rhetoric
Or is it something that he chooses to believe in?
No, it is what the evidence shows.
Empty rhetoric
Is it possible their fossils have not been found with mammals because the layers were built up in Noah’s Flood?
No, because the evidence shows clearly and categorically that there was no such event.
Empty rhetoric
If you believe in the theory of evolution then you would have to believe that some dinosaurs are not still living.
Nonsense. There is no such requirement at all!